Zuyd Library and the corona crisis - FAQ

What online sources are currently available?
Take a look at the online sources search and find page here.

Can I still borrow books?
As all library locations are closed, it is not possible to physically borrow books. Teachers and students who have questions about library books or other library materials can send an email to corona@zuyd.nl mentioning Zuyd Library.

Important: Indicate the library location in your mail and clearly state the details of the book(s) (e.g. author, title, possibly ISBN).

How can I return borrowed materials?
Please return the library material by post - postage-free - to the return address below
or keep your library material at home until the library reopens.
Any fines for late return during the COVID-19 closure period will be waived. You can also renew your loans online.

Return address:
Zuyd Library
Antwoordnummer 5021
6400 WC Heerlen

What about Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?
As long as Zuyd Library is closed physical material from other libraries cannot be provided.
Material that is digitally available can be requested, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet every request.

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