Global Issues in Context

Global Issues in Context  offers global perspectives on issues of international importance, plus related world events and topics in the news. It ties together a variety of sources to present a rich analysis covering a wide range of perspectives - social, political, military, economic, environmental, science related, health related, and cultural. It includes video, downloadable audio files, interactive statistics, and award-winning reference content to provide important historical context and information on countries and cultures.

Dutch keywords
economie, landeninformatie, shb-licentie, economie, gezondheid, techniek, wetenschap, milieu, klimaatverandering, politiek, gezinspolitiek, internationale betrekkingen, europa

English keywords
economics, countries, international business, business, economy, Europe, European Union, health, medicine, diplomacy, science, technology, environment, climate change, society, culture, government, politics, law, children, woman, family, globalization, europe

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  • Economics & Languages
  • Behaviour and Society
  • Health Care
  • Fine Arts, Music and Drama
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Sources and media formats include:
  • Overviews summarizing background information, historical context, and contemporary stances
  • Expert perspectives analyzing an issue or event through multiple aspects
  • Reference documents providing background information on all issues and nations
  • Full-text international magazines, academic journals, and news sources
  • Primary sources
  • Interactive graphs, tables, and charts
  • Multimedia elements
  • Links to Web sites, including government sites and organizations