A podcast is an audio file that you can listen to or download instantly and at any time from the Internet. Podcasts exist on a wide variety of specific topics or themes, e.g.: fragments from live radio, interviews or information on a specific topic, audio books/stories etc.

You can also create a podcast yourself. Various Zuyd employees have already started doing this.

Note if you want to create and publish a podcast:

  • According to the “CAO hbo”, Zuyd is copyright holder and therefore decides whether a podcast is made available. Formally there is as yet no protocol for who is entitled to do this on behalf of Zuyd. We advise you to consult with your course manager/team leader/head of your research center
  • Do you intend using music in your podcast? For example intro/outro music, background music, etc. In all likelihood you will not own the rights to use it, this can be arranged through Buma/Stemra. Alternatively, use freely available stock music or music published under a creative commons license

Using music as a quote is allowed under certain conditions:

  • The music must not be purely for the purpose of cheering up the podcast, there must be a substantive connection. For example, when you want to review, compare or discuss the music
  • Keep the fragment as short as possible.
  • Use the music in its original form. You may not edit, distort or rename the music
  • Clearly state the source

Want to create a podcast? Contact video@zuyd.nl