Easy Access agreement

The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen) has reached an agreement with the Stichting UvO  (Publishers' Association for Educational Licences) whereby universities of applied sciences may publish short excerpts of copyright-protected content in readers or in the LMS without first obtaining permission. This means that universities of applied sciences do not have to carry out time-consuming administrative tasks in order to use this material.

This agreement, the so-called Easy Access agreement, includes information about the rights and obligations of the universities of applied sciences and the redemption fee per student. Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is also bound by this agreement.

Short excerpts

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  • A maximum of 50 pages (regardless of the number of words and/or images) and no more than 25% of the original work. This applies both to books and journal articles.
  • Graphics, tables, diagrams and similar works: maximum 50 images in a (PPT) presentation and/or otherwise a maximum of 25 % of the original work and a maximum of 10 images by the same author.
  • Sheet music and song lyrics : maximum of 50 pages and no more than 25% of the work.

Long excerpts

Long excerpts are not covered by the Easy Access agreement. Prior permission must always be obtained from the copyright holder in order to use a long excerpt. This does not apply if permission is provided through a database license or has already been obtained from the publisher or otherwise! An application can be submitted to the Stichting UvO for permission to copy up to 50% of the original work. Please contact the Copyright Team for this. 

Multiple excerpts

Excerpts consisting of multiple copies of the same work, or the re-use of the same part of the work several times within an university of applied sciences academy, is not permitted without prior permission from the publisher.

Learning Management System

Copyright also applies to the inclusion of copyright-protected material in the LMS; this is therefore not permitted. The Easy Access agreement makes no distinction between the inclusion of copyrighted material in a paper reader or in a LMS / digital learning environment. Short digital excerpts are covered by the redemption fee; for long digital excerpts permission must be requested in advance from the Copyright Information Desk (Copyright Team).

If you use a long excerpt in your reader, or in a course within the LMS, the obtained permission only applies to the academic year in question. For use in a subsequent academic year remember to re-request permission in time.

Note: Stichting UvO calculates the fee for a long excerpt partly based on the number of students who have access. It does not take into account whether the students actually view the article or not. Are you using a long excerpt? Then give the smallest possible unit access to the digital material.

Source citation

The original source must have been lawfully / legally published.
An acknowledgement of the source is always compulsory when copying.

You can find more information about referencing in the Information Skills Portal.