Photographs, images, and drawings

While Stichting UvO protects the interests of publishers in terms of text-related materials, Pictoright protects the rights of photographers and cartoonists etc. who produce visual material.

The use of images in educational material can be divided between images in a reader and images used for presentations.

Images in a (digital) reader
The Easy Access arrangement provides for the use of photographs, graphs, tables, diagrams, and illustrations as short excerpts.

Up to 50 pages of a book or magazine article (and no more than 25% of the work) may be reused without permission. This also includes the images on these pages.

Images – used in a presentation
Most of the photographs and images that are found on the internet are protected by copyright. These images cannot be reproduced. Are you allowed to use these images in a presentation?

Within the Easy Access arrangement, for PowerPoint presentations or otherwise, up to 50 photographs, graphs, tables, diagrams, illustrations and other types of visual materials can be used without permission, maximum 25 % of the original work and a maximum of 10 images by the same creator.

These can also be pictures that brighten up a presentation. When using more than 50 images permission has to be obtained from the artist.

A source reference indicating the location of the photograph or image and the name of the artist must be included in the PowerPoint or Prezi presentations. This reference can be placed with the photograph, in a footnote on the relevant page, or compiled in a bibliography on a slide at the end of the presentation.

Note! This agreement only applies within an educational environment. If your presentation is recorded and published publicly on Zuyd's video portal, this agreement will be voided.

Do you need more than 50 images for your presentation?

  • Try to avoid the use of works by professional photographers, cartoonists, and illustrators.
  • Use your own material.
  • Where possible use royalty free images or images that are covered by a Creative Commons license.
  • Royalty free images can be found, by example, on Pixaby, Pexels and Unsplash.
  • You can always include links to images, but these must refer to legally uploaded content.