LibGuides Practice-oriented research

LibGuides on all aspects of research practice

  • Step-by-step plan practice-oriented research
    → step-by-step plan for the careful and safe conduct of research

  • Introduction data management
    → general information on the research life cycle and data management

  • Research life cycle:
    1. Planning phase : preparation & planning
        → information on subsidy provider requirements, data management section
            and data management plan
    2. Research phase : collecting, processing & analysing data
        → practical information on organizing and analysing data
            e.g. folder structure, file names, data analysis, etc.
    3. Usage phase : sharing, publishing, storing & re-using data
        → information on (re-)use of research output
            e.g. ORCiD, DOI, open access, retention period, long-term storage

  • Zuyd infrastructure data storage
    → information on the use of the O-drive, the Zuyd internal network drive
    → information on ZuyData@figshare, an online platform for storing, sharing and
        publishing data

  • Ethical aspects
    → information on integrity, ethical aspects in different disciplines, Zuyd's Advisory Committee for Scientific Integrity

  • Legal aspects
    → information on privacy/GDPR, ownership/copyright, CC licenses

  • PR & Marketing - news and media:
    1. Handling of social media
    2. Press briefing