Publishing for researchers

As a researcher you can be both a user and an author of information. If you are an author and you would like to publish your work, you can find all the relevant information in this portal.

As a user of information you can contact the Copyright Information Desk of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences for more information.

You can publish your work in two different ways:
- as Open Access
- through a publisher


According to the Copyright Act, the producer of the work retains the rights to that work. However, in the collective labour agreement for the higher vocational education sector 2014-2016, Article E-7, copyright law and industrial property, states that if the employee has produced work in the execution of his duties for the benefit of the employer, the employer maintains the right to that work. Contractual employment is required in this case.

You can find more information and a variety of practical tools that help you, as the author, determine which copyrights you surrender to the publisher and how agreements about the use of your materials can be made on the website of SURF (only available in Dutch).

Also take a look at the Copyright Portal of Zuyd Library.