Lean Library Access

How do you add Zuyd Library to your browser?

  • Step 1: Go to leanlibrary.com/download 
  • Step 2: install the extension
  • Step 3: select Zuyd Hogeschool
  • Step 4: begin your search and get direct access

About Lean Library Access
Lean Library Access is a browser extension that you can add to your favorite browser. This Library Access browser extension makes it simple to access academic articles, journals and databases licensed by Zuyd Library, wherever you are and whenever you need it.  

Only for desk- and laptops
Lean Library Access is not suitable for mobile devices, so it only works on desk- and laptops. The tool is primarily intended to gain access to Zuyd content at home, outside the Zuyd network. Within the Zuyd network, access is usually already arranged, but Library Access can draw attention to 'open access' alternatives to articles that are not accessible via Zuyd

How does Lean Library Access work?
The browser extension displays an icon in the bookmarks bar. This works as follows.
If the icon is green (), you are logged in. With a gray icon () the extension is inactive.
If it is yellow (), the extension has a message or tip for you.

Which browsers?
You can download the extension for most browsers, e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox and Opera. 
Please note: If you work on a Zuyd desk- or laptop, unfortunately it is not possible to add the add-on to Google Chrome. The Zuyd IT department does not allow adding extensions to the Zuyd version of Chrome.

Do you have any questions or comments about the Lean Library Access tool?
Ask them here.