Information Skills Training in Moodle

Zuyd Library develops an information skills training collection. Through a number of assignments and a final test you will be able to test yourself. There is automatic feedback. A number of courses integrate Training A and B into the curriculum and their Moodle environment.

You can also take the courses at a general level (separate from your course) via the links below. You can enrol for this Moodle training via self enrolment.

⇒ Information Skills Training A: Starters (opens in Moodle)

This course is intended for beginning students at Zuyd and answers the following questions:

  • What is the difference between the physical and digital library?
  • How can I find an article or book?
  • Which databases can I use and where can I find them?
  • What is a LibGuide?
  • How can I assess the quality of information?
  • How can I prevent plagiarism?

⇒ Information Skills Training B: Literature Search (opens in Moodle)

This course is a continuation of the A course and answers the following questions:

  • How do I start a literature search?
  • How do I search for information effectively?
  • How do I assess online information on reliability?
  • How do I incorporate  literature in my report?